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special coatings


We as a company realise the need to offer turnkey solutions to our client base therefore as part of our structure we engage specialist coating companies to complete the painting and application of protective coatings to meet with client and end user specifications. The specialist coatings we regularly provide are both for the onshore and offshore industry which include, TSA, scotch coating, Resicoat R4 coating, glass flake lining, belzona, PTFE coating, fire retardant systems, these processes are also supported by general paint systems utilising numerous world renowned paint manufacturers.

Some background information on the coatings offered

Thermal Sprayed Aluminum (TSA) Corrosion Protection System is an extremly durable system that provides total corrosion protection and significant life improvement over conventional barrier coatings.

Scotchkote 206N is a DWI ((Drinking Water Inspectorate) approved product and is a one-part, heat curable, thermosetting powdered epoxy coating that provides maximum corrosion protection of line pipe and fittings. The epoxy is applied to preheated steel as a dry powder which melts and cures to form a continuous, insulative corrosion barrier.

Glass Flake Linings Designed primarily for the protection of steel substrates, are formulated from high performance resins reinforced with glass flakes. With approximately 125 layers of glass flake in each 1mm of coating thickness, glass flake linings offer superb permeation resistance giving to provide a long, maintenance free, service life.

Resicoat R4 coating – This coating has proven to be very good in a number of services but we have primarily used the system on sea water services for our client base.

Our approved special coating sub contractor list of is tried and trusted and supports Puma Engineering in ensuring our client receives a product delivered on time, to the correct quality requirements complete with the supporting certification ensuring that the product provided meets the longevity requirements of anti corrosion system required.

Whatever your Coating Requirements,
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