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Unit 9, Westwood Business Park

Brunel Road, Totton, Southampton
Hampshire, SO40 3YS

Tel: 02380 675975

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Whats Happening at Puma

Linden Gas Project

We have recently completed a Cryogenic Container Fit Out

The units depicted above are for the cryogenics industry they were constructed at Puma engineering’s workshop facility. We received the container and the free issue components into our facility, we then installed the components into the container whilst concurrently fabricating the interconnecting pipe work and ducting.

Once the pipe work and ducting was made available this was is also installed into the container by our in-house engineering team ensuring that all interfaces were correctly satisfied

Workshop Specifics

15,000 square foot facility, comprises of a 1 acre plot benefiting from an extensive secure external areas which can be used for the storage of materials, laydown areas, hydro-testing and the construction of large modular units. The workshop has a state of the art curtain system often seen within the nuclear manufacturing industry which when installed allows the production of exotic materials in a clean ferrous free environment. The curtain contains a positive pressure filter system which ensures a double boundary is created against any ferrous particles being able to penetrate the clean workshop environment.

The workshop has 2 off 5 ton cranes which can work in tandem to lift 10 tons. Multiple cutting and prepping machines are set out to ensure all sizes, material grades of pipe and steel sections are cut and prepared to tight tolerances. 10 ton, 5 ton, 2 ton, 1 ton and ½ ton manipulators. Rotators are used to ensure that the piping spools are manufactured using the very best productive methodology. Rollers from 5 ton to 30 ton plus are used for the fabrication and welding of pressure vessels.

Puma Engineering

We have recently moved location to a larger facility in Southampton

Puma Engineering are proud to announce that during June 2016 we have relocated our 2 fabrication and office facilities to a single facility at Unit 9, Westwood Business Park, Brunel Road, Southampton.

The new facility has been extensively refurbished and modified to suit todays modern requirements in support of the industry. These improvements and conscious alterations to enhance production and safety are instrumental in the company’s philosophy for continual improvement. A noteworthy factor in our relocation is that it has now provided us with the ability to work double shifts and in the event of an extremely high workload it will allow us to instigate night shifts to provide customers with the turnaround times that they require to maintain their output. This has also further enhanced our production methods and monitoring whereby we can show improved efficiencies on all fronts which ultimately can be realised by Puma and our clients.

Puma Engineering

Our New Website

Our new website is now here, what a journey it's been..

We thought it was time to update our website. A website itself can be used to accomplish many different marketing strategies to help our business grow. As a business owner, we need to know where our consumers are. But what if consumers know our business and what we can offer, but they can’t reach us?

That is one of the risks any business takes by not having an up to date and current website to show off their business services.

Accessible Day and Night

Our website and social media accounts are accessible 24/7/365 Days of the year.

Since our website is operational around the clock, from the convenience of the office, your home or even when your on the move, you the customer and any potential clients can easily access our website to view our services. It's an essential part of any modern day business and we will be updating our projects section on a regular basis to show off our work.