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Unit 9, Westwood Business Park

Brunel Road, Totton, Southampton
Hampshire, SO40 3YS

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Puma's Engineering Services


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We provide a full range of engineering services to our clients with the highest quality. The flexibility and experience of our core engineering disciplines allow us to execute any project, of any size, at any stage of the project development.

The Project Management Department is dedicated to ensuring the successful execution of projects in support of our client’s objectives by providing superior management of engineering, procurement, and construction services. We harness this knowledge, training, expertise, and experience to cost effectively manage all aspects of any project that we undertake.

Pumas Project Management group uses forward thinking to identify and manage conflicts and issues before they become problems. We focus on the overall project, with the end in mind, in order to establish priorities and coordinate activities to ensure each project is completed on time, within budget, and, most importantly, safely.

Capabilities include specialised knowledge and experience in the areas of heat transfer, pressure vessels, pipe stress analysis and piping engineering. Additionally, Puma has a strong background in the area of engineered packaged equipment such as:  

Process Pipe Work Fabrication - Steel Work Fabrication - Skids - Refrigeration Units - Vacuum Systems - Scrubber Systems - Waste Treatment Units – Cryogenic Units

Automation is used throughout the piping and mechanical work processes. Both third party and in-house developed software packages are used to improve productivity. The overall strategy in the use of automation is to enter the information once and then use it many times. One example of how this strategy is employed in the mechanical group is in the area of pipe specifications. The mechanical engineer develops the initial piping specifications, which are then electronically downloaded to AutoCAD where they are used by the piping designers.

After completion of piping design, information is electronically extracted from these specifications and used by the material take off group for procurement plans. Although the information is used in several steps of the design process the data input happens only once. This in-turn makes Puma very productive with minimal recycle of information giving us more time to concentrate on our client’s needs.  

The engineering team and CAD department work very closely together. The engineering team will be handed the project once a commercial review has been successfully undertaken. The Operations Director will nominate who will undertake the Project Managers role. The engineering team lead by the PM will then adopt responsibility to undertake all tasks to perform duties in accordance with the project requirements with regard to engineering, bills of material, procurement, coatings and delivery of the finished product.

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