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Puma Construction Services Puma Construction Services
Puma Construction Services


Puma have many years of experience in facilitating and supporting plant shutdowns, plant upgrades and new plant installation projects. We are fully cognisant of the fact that time spent maintaining or upgrading plant is both time consuming and costly therefore we as a company are continually motivated to reduce down time and re-introduce full production levels in the shortest possible timescales. This activity is further underpinned by our ability to communicate our intentions to the client through daily reporting and the production and maintenance of project plans.

Puma's highly trained installation team are multi-faceted and fully trained in all aspects of the activities that are undertaken on any site. This allows Puma to control all the critical path elements of the shutdown with their own workforce (no need to use subcontracts). The benefits of a multi-faceted team are fewer numbers of personnel on site and therefore less congestion in busy areas.

The ability of a pipefitter for example to control the crane lifting plan and then move onto hydra-tightening the bolts means no lost time caused by single faceted trades awaiting other personnel to complete their tasks. This provides total continuity of all aspects of any installation Puma undertake.

The Key Elements Are As Follows;

Undertake work scope meetings with client representatives well in advance of a planned turnaround commencement date to enable full understanding of the project.

All work packages to be potentially installed during a shutdown can be reviewed to see if any pre works or installation activities can be completed prior to a shutdown without effecting safety aspects or production.

If no installation can commence before the shutdown then construction drawings provided by the client or by Puma will be laser surveyed to see potential problems prior to a turnaround commencing. The concept of fabrication in the workshop saves time onsite has been taken to another level.

All field fit welds will be removed where possible saving hot work requirements during a shutdown. This has a time saving element and also a safety benefit to the client.

Emergency call out repairs is another service often called upon by our clients. Contact Us